Google Setup#

Visit to set up an OAuth client ID and secret. See Google’s documentation on how to create OAUth 2.0 client credentials. The Authorized JavaScript origins should be set to to your hub’s public address while Authorized redirect URIs should be set to the same but followed by /hub/oauth_callback.

Then, add the following to your file:

from import GoogleOAuthenticator
c.JupyterHub.authenticator_class = GoogleOAuthenticator

By default, any domain is allowed to login but you can restrict authorized domains with a list (recommended):

c.GoogleOAuthenticator.hosted_domain = ['', '']

You can customize the sign in button text (optional):

c.GoogleOAuthenticator.login_service = 'My College'


Additional notes, that seem quite outdated at the time of writing May 2022, are available about authorizing users part of specific Google Groups are available here. Contributions to update these and re-verify this functionality are most welcome.