GitLab Setup#

First, you’ll need to create a GitLab OAuth application.

Then, add the following to your file:

from oauthenticator.gitlab import GitLabOAuthenticator
c.JupyterHub.authenticator_class = GitLabOAuthenticator

You can also use LocalGitLabOAuthenticator to map GitLab accounts onto local users.

You can use your own GitLab CE/EE instance by setting the GITLAB_HOST environment flag.

You can restrict access to only accept members of certain projects or groups by setting

c.GitLabOAuthenticator.allowed_project_ids = [ ... ]


c.GitLabOAuthenticator.allowed_gitlab_groups = [ ... ]

but be aware that each entry incurs a separate API call, increasing the risk of rate limiting and timeouts.


If restriction to projects or groups does not work, you might not be using jupyterHub 1.2. In that case you can still you use whitelists as noted in this comment.